The Fog Dodgers invite all residents and visitors of the Mendocino Coast to join us on our weekly group runs and walks. We have runners and walkers of all abilities (and even some bikers) and we have only one "rule" - we start at exactly 8:00 a.m. on Sundays. Exercise at your own pace (1/2 hour out, 1/2 hour back) and experience the fresh Mendocino coastal air.

Fog Dodgers provides a fun, safe way to explore some of our local trails and back roads and to meet new friends. You can find out where we're going to be by reading the bottom of last week's post, then clicking on the "Our Routes" tab above. We average 15-20 persons each Sunday and typically half will go to breakfast together afterwards at a nearby restaurant.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ward Avenue - Sunday June 18 - Happy Father's Day!

58 degrees and a slight haze in the air this morning.  It was a small group - 3 walkers, 3 runners.  Fran, Joe, Charlene, Ron, Bob C.  & Jan

It was a beautiful morning, whether walking or running.  I headed south to the point then headed back north on the black sand beach.  Went about 1/4 mile on the sand, then climbed back up to the paved trail.  Lots of tourist traffic - Folks out enjoying the Father's Day Weekend!

No photos today - This is my first time posting - so, my apology for the sparse offering.  It will get Better!

Safe travels to all!

Today was Ward Avenue.
NEXT SUNDAY, June 25, 2017 @ 8:00 A.M.: Noyo Headlands South - Entrance by Taco Bell


Tom said...

Thanks Jan! We were in Nashville this morning, with a low temperature of 75 and air so humid or moist, we would have to swim to get thru it. In St. Louis now.

We should all try to recruit more runners for the Fog Dodgers, I'll work on that.

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