The Fog Dodgers invite all residents and visitors of the Mendocino Coast to join us on our weekly group runs and walks. We have runners and walkers of all abilities (and even some bikers) and we have only one "rule" - we start at exactly 8:00 a.m. on Sundays. Exercise at your own pace (1/2 hour out, 1/2 hour back) and experience the fresh Mendocino coastal air.

Fog Dodgers provides a fun, safe way to explore some of our local trails and back roads and to meet new friends. You can find out where we're going to be by reading the bottom of last week's post, then clicking on the "Our Routes" tab above. We average 15-20 persons each Sunday and typically half will go to breakfast together afterwards at a nearby restaurant.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Caspar Logging Roads

"If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance, run, yours is the earth and everything that's in it, and -- which is more --you'll be a man, my son." 
                                                                                           Rudyard Kipling

We walked and ran this morning on the Caspar Logging Roads.  John's pictures, though not on the Logging Roads, were all taken nearby.   Thank you, John!

I've been off for the past 5 weeks and in those 5 weeks, I seem to have forgotten how to do most everything I used to master easily.  Trouble opening and closing programs, using the tv remote, turning off my alarm clock, and I forgot to check the temperature upon arriving at our meeting place.  I think it was about 62 degrees and the air was thick and warm, much like Iowa a couple of weeks back.

It was nice to have a good turnout:  Sarah, Michael, Cheryl N., Neil, Nancy B., Rick, Nancy T., Roger, Cheryl, John, Bob, Laura, Melissa, Nichole, Katie, Zelda, Fay, Charlene, Cindy, Jim, Geri, Toni, Joe, Shari, Peter, Nancy and Tom (27).

Those of us that started out this morning on the downhill road (600) found a lot of loose rock on the surface from the recent culvert replacement work.  Hopefully, a little rain and some traffic will pack it down.  I'm not sure how the uphill road (500) was but this remains a good venue because of the options it offers.

Next week's run/walk location also offers many options.  It is a beautiful walk or run along the beach or the logging road.  There's Laguna Point and Ten Mile Dunes, your choice, it's all very pretty!  The tide will be about 2.5 feet, which leaves enough firm sand exposed, for those that choose to beach run or walk.

NEXT SUNDAY, OCT. 26TH @ 8:00 A.M.:  WARD AVENUE, see "Our Routes" above.

EVERY TUESDAY @ 7:00 A.M.: RUSSIAN GULCH STATE PARK, beginning on Point Cabrillo Drive, 1/10 of a mile north of its south end.

EVERY THURSDAY @ 7:00 A.M.: VAN DAMME STATE PARK, beginning at the beach.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Van Damme State Park

                                               Van Damme's Finest Hour

                                      "Walking is fun, running is more fun" BC

Although I wasn't there let me deduce with some certainty it is unlikely there could be a better morning for absorbing sunlight and breathing cool clean air while walking the trail in fern Canyon.

Our "leader of the band" Nancy B. was walking to the beat of a distant drum in a far away land with guitar Rick and couldn't attend. Tom and Nancy, after combing much of the western United States from Yellow Stone to the four Corners region, are now in New Mexico and will soon be galloping from Gallup to return home and take back the helm of the Fog Dodgers. Perhaps next year they will travel even further south into the depths of the Copper Canyon to drink corn beer and run free with the Tarahumara. No doubt with them will be Mendocino's very own Caballo Blanco Rod J. Tom and Nancy we wish you a safe return home.

All of the details and photographs from today's outing were provided courtesy of Fog Dodger stalwart and much talented John Loomis. John reports the Seagulls were out flapping their morning wings and drenching themselves in the nearby stream. A wafting blue Heron and a white Egret nestling in the branches of a bay side tree. And Steve and Ora held an open house showing off their nice new camping van.

Fortunately there was no mention of encounters with bees or wasps. Not long ago on a return run in Van Damme I was the recipient of an unprovoked strafing by a squadron of angry bees in a tight flying formation with only one mission in mind. Their stinging stabs propelled me to run faster. For a brief moment in a burst of get away speed I was moving as fast as the all time great Johnny Rocket. We miss you Johnny....really we do, and Bill H. and Al and Penny too.

Present were Cheryl, Laura, Gerri, Ora, Steve, Michael, Sarah, Fran, and John.

Looking forward to seeing you all and even more next week. Let's have a big turn out to welcome back Tom and Nancy.

NEXT SUNDAY, October 19,2004 @ 8:00 A.M.: Caspar Logging Road
EVERY TUESDAY @ 7:00 A.M.: RUSSIAN GULCH STATE PARK, beginning on Point Cabrillo Drive, 1/10 of a mile north of its south end.
EVERY THURSDAY @ 7:00 A.M.: VAN DAMME STATE PARK, beginning at the beach.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jackson Demonstration State Forest, Road 450

Winter is coming! It was a brisk low fifties this morning when eleven two-legged and one  four-legged hikers/runners gathered at 8AM today on Road 450. Lots of changes taking place there. Two-lane logging road sections, straw, chipped rocks and soft dirt. Clearly the logging is in full form. We're missing quite a few of our regulars who are out of town for one reason or another and hope that they are all having a great time.

Our runners and walkers this morning included John L., Bob C., Charlene, Neil, Michael & Sarah, Tom and his faithful companion Beny (sorry for the misspelling of your name last week, Beny), Gay and Mark T., and Rick and Nancy. No one went out to breakfast today but I'm sure we've all eaten either before or after the walk.

Here are a few photos from John. Enjoy!

Great mailbox. I imagine it's on Simpson Lane or nearby.

Crab buoys or, as John would say, "crab boys," arrayed outside to dry on a property near Simpson Lane.

A beautiful shot of Noyo Harbor.

NEXT SUNDAY, DATE @ 8:00 A.M.: Van Damme State Park
EVERY TUESDAY @ 7:00 A.M.: RUSSIAN GULCH STATE PARK, beginning on Point Cabrillo Drive, 1/10 of a mile north of its south end.
EVERY THURSDAY @ 7:00 A.M.: VAN DAMME STATE PARK, beginning at the beach.