The Fog Dodgers invite all residents and visitors of the Mendocino Coast to join us on our weekly group runs and walks. We have runners and walkers of all abilities (and even some bikers) and we have only one "rule" - we start at exactly 8:00 a.m. on Sundays. Exercise at your own pace (1/2 hour out, 1/2 hour back) and experience the fresh Mendocino coastal air.

Fog Dodgers provides a fun, safe way to explore some of our local trails and back roads and to meet new friends. You can find out where we're going to be by reading the bottom of last week's post, then clicking on the "Our Routes" tab above. We average 15-20 persons each Sunday and typically half will go to breakfast together afterwards at a nearby restaurant.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Mendocino Headlands and town

Kind of a grey and wet morning.  We started out in a light drizzle but the drizzle became rain and I think we all got pretty wet.  It was a nice time though, walking around the town of Mendocino and around the Headlands State Park.

John is down at Stanford for about 5 weeks taking care of business but that hasn't stopped him from thinking about us and sending great photos.  Thank you very much John.  All of today's photos are from John.  And, though he couldn't be with us here today, he did start this morning at 8:00 and did the Dish Trail.  You say, what is the Dish Trail?  A picture below explains:

                                                             The Dish Trail

                                                    Fall colors

                                        Moffett Field Dirigible Hangar

                                      Pulgas Water Temple, Redwood City
                      Google that one if you're not familiar.  A very interesting place!

                                               Red breasted sapsucker

                                                   Stanford Tower

                                                        Fall colors

                                                    Fall colors

It is so difficult to arrange photos and titles on the new Blogger template, I've just kind of thrown John's pictures on here and don't dare attempting to rearrange them.  I'll figure this blogging out one of these days.

Present today: Charlene, Joe, Deb, Sam, Nancy, Tom, and John! (7)


EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, GROUP RUN/WALK @ 7:30 A.M.:  Beginning behind the Fort Bragg Fire Station on Tuesdays and on Big River Logging Road on Thursdays.


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